Elbow Pads is an annual literary magazine publishing prose, poetry, and photography. Elbow Pads favor the candid outlook of creative individuals but we can deal with the mysterious types, too. The reason why we like literature is because of the feelings. Feelings are intangible unless you’re comfortable with saving your tears– literally. And then you have to find someone who’s willing to listen to you moan and groan all the time. If you are the kind of person who figuratively saves your tears and prefers to materialize them on a piece of paper or on a Word document, this is your spot.Writing, to us, is too internalized to be considered moaning and groaning. With the right language, flow, and tone, you can connect to just about anyone. It becomes tangible and it’s beautiful. If you like reading, if you like rediscovering, and if you like to feel, read and submit because we know you don’t do all three for nothing.

For more information on submissions, click here. Otherwise, look around. Use your clicker, use your keyboard, use your eyes. Here is a table of contents for the material we have already published.

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