Formal Apology

Good morning! Your editors here. We acknowledge that these last two years have been poor in terms of reviewing your work and actively sending out issues per our usual date. We hate that “excuses are just reasons why you failed” but we will preface our “reasons” with that in hopes our readers understand. With a new military career, a new marriage, and adjusting to a new state our new priorities, it seems impossible to run a literary magazine every month– as promised. We wish we had more hands. Not only that, we wish our personal lives weren’t so vital so that it interfered with what we want to provide to you all. We do not get paid to run this magazine so, in realizing that our personal jobs do pay our rent and our groceries and our auto insurance, we had to put Elbow Pads on the back burner.

We’d like to continue Elbow Pads magazine because it’s what we enjoy. The only way we can do that is with your continued support. We’ve come to the conclusion that procrastinating the magazine only makes it so it never gets worked on– it never gets any attention– it never gets tended to. If we wanted to start a magazine just to forget about it, we would’ve shut our websites down and thrown away all of our business cards.

Fortunately, we have a solution. Our new submission dates will be three times a year. We will publish an issue in May in honor of April, one for August, and one in December. Hopefully, we can jam-pack holiday themes. If not, we are open to ideas. More hopefully (grammar?), we can continue to have your ongoing support.

You have breathed life into our inanimate idea of a literary magazine. You are what keeps up going.

The Editors