Attachments must be RTF (Rich Text Format). Standard .docs are very fickle!

On the top left corner of your content, provide your name or your pen name, your age, and your location.  If you mind us asking, you may provide a clever way to answer without answering. Example: “M. Lee, late teens, West Coast,” “Sullivan Bailey, emotionally middle aged, Georgetown.” etc. There’s no need to say “hi” or let us know all the amazing things you’ve done in your literary career. We are open to all artists, experienced and novice. Your email is very important, however. The word email is doubly italicized because including your email is critical in order for us to inform you that we accepted your piece. We don’t have all the emails in the onlinesphere so help us get in touch with you. And then simply follow with your content as you would like it to appear in the magazine.

Save photography to .RTF’s as well. Title the file where the photo was taken. This includes names of parks, gated communities, cities, stores, etc. Refer to past issues to see what we mean. We will request the photography file should we be interested.

Now here is an illustration of what you’d see and what you’d input.

That’s right. Keep it simple.

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To submit your prose, follow this link
For poetry, this link
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Submission periods are rolling.
Issues are published annually in December.
Good luck!

Elbow Pads is very poor. You can use the context clues to presume what we mean by this. Under the circumstance you do submit, you comply with allowing us to have your material in our print and on our blogs. We look forward to interpreting your work!