Regular Show Cameos

For those of you who enjoy the occasional cartoon program, you will find that cartoons ain’t Boomerang or Cartoon Cartoon Fridays anymore. The evolution of cartoons has been a long one. First rife with blackface and antisemitic propositions, animators like Chuck Jones exchanged the insensitivity for animals chasing and very elaborately murdering each other. The Happy Tree Friends are just the Looney Tunes with blood. After eliminating discreet grown up jokes and sexual innuendos– you know that period of time when cartoons were dim-witted and screwball–, Cartoon Network (for some reason) raised the bar for appropriately inappropriate cartoons all the way up. Chowder, the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Adventure Time, and Regular Show blessed us with their attractive picture. They are just underhandedly dirty enough for a children’s network but too clean for Comedy Central. Goodbye doltish and balmy, hello awesome television!

Carefully placed 420 on bedside clock.

Carefully placed 420 on bedside clock.

Adventure Time and Regular Show has made their way on over to the adult demographic (marijuana smokers to be specific). For Regular Show, its relaxed humor and natural execution of their scripts are partially responsible for its success; its cameo guest stars are also accountable. Much like the occasional American Dad episode that has you trying with all your memory to put a finger on just who that voice-over is, Regular Show is like the Sesame Street of young adult cartoon shows. Here is a list of all of Regular Show‘s cameos.

0106 – Meat Your Maker: Tim Curry as Hot Dog Leader
0107 – Grilled Cheese Deluxe: Scott MacDonald as Major Williams and B.J. Ward as Dr. Asinovskovich
0112 – Mordecai and the Rigbys: Paul F. Tompkins as Voice on Record
0204 – Dizzy: David Ogden Stiers as Mr. Maellard
0219 – Really Real Wrestling: Lee Reherman as the Fire Marshall
0223 – More Smarter: Sunil Malhotra as the Teacher

0306 – Slam Dunk: Carl Weathers as the Basketball King
0309 – Rap It Up: Tyler the Creator as Blitz Comet, MC Lyte as Damel-ishun, and Donald Glover as Alpha Dog
0319 – Video Game Wizard: Trent Baker as Maximum Glove Kid
0325 – Yes Dude Yes: Linda Cardellini as C.J.
0327 – Dead at Eight: Michael Dorn as Thomas
0328 – Access Denied: Natasha Leggero as LaDonna
0334 – Prankless: Kurtwood Smith as Gene the Vending Machine

0409 – The Christmas Special: Thomas Haden Church as Quillgin
0428 – Meteor Moves: Wayne Knight as Guardian of the Friend Zone
0437 – Steak Me Amadeus: Dawnn Lewis as Duck Lady

0510 – Bank Shot: Phil LaMarr as Cash Bankis
0512 – The Thanksgiving Special: Terry Crew at Broc Stettman, Josh Keaton as Auto T, Letoya Luckett as Jennifer, Chord Overstreet as Dusty B, and Alastair Duncan as Mordecai’s Dad
0515 – Dodge This: Debra Wilson as Council Woman
0516 – Portable Toilet: Mark Deklin as the Corporal, Rhomeyn Johnson as the General, and Tim Russ as the Sergeant
0517 – The Postcard: Zosia Mamet as Celia
0526 – I Like You Hi: Rich Fulcher as Answering Machine
0527 – Play Date: Julian Holloway as Death

0601 – Maxin’ and Relaxin’: Ed Begley Jr. as Mordecai’s Dad and Katey Sagal as Mordecai’s Mom
0602 – New Bro on Campus: Danny Cooksey as Reggie
0603 – Daddy Issues: Christopher McDonald as Carl Putter
0612 – Sad Sax: Jason Mantzoukas as Sad Sax Guy
0615 – Married and Broke: Jon Daly as Teddy
0616 – Format Wars II: Joel McHale as DVD
0621 – Party Horse: Adam Pally as Party Horse 42699

Can you say HQ TV?


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