Five Simple Ways to Celebrate Lit Mag Success

1. Gloat in Your Glory
For just a moment, you deserve to do your little dance because a literary establishment considered your work valuable enough to share with the world. This is the first step in your benefaction to the world. Someone may stumble upon your work and rethink their entire life!

2. Compose Yourself
After being shot with energetic self-encouragement, collect yourself and think about what you’re actually going to do. Developing a big head is the last thing you’ll want to do. Harvey Mackay said, “A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward.” Accomplishments are checkpoints to a never-ending game. You have several options to become a greater you. Meetup may have a literary event in your area if your town’s Parks and Recreation isn’t already hosting one. After treating yourself to an old-fashioned skills sharpening, submit to another magazine that will either put you through the same intense excitement or bring you all the way down. Visit Poets & Writers to decide which magazine will be the lucky one to do that to you.

3. Write a Saga Inspired
Perhaps your story wasn’t monumental enough to become a novel overnight. Perhaps it is! This is your time to go over the possibility of expanding your plot and taking it from there. Add a fictional character whose name rhymes with your name and some very vague personal accounts wouldn’t hurt, either. Your life is interesting, too. It could even become a film the way Jeffrey Eugenides did it. Don’t feel up to hacking away at your keyboard for months? Maybe create a theme throughout your craft by being inspired by yourself. Pretentious, right? It just may work.

4. Watch Something
Ever watch a movie about dancing and contemplate a dancing career? Ever get done watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians and wonder, with bitterness mixed with drive, why you can’t have the kind of lifestyle that allows you to visit three major cities in one weekend? Better– why you weren’t the kind of teenager who, instead of telling your parents you’d be down the street, would tell them you’d be across the country. Finding Forrester and the Words are two amongst fourteen films that deliver that literarily drive to us. Watch or rewatch these picks to remind yourself of the perks of modern-day writing as well at the roots of literature.

5. Break and Revise
The best habit a writer could take up is storing work away in a “vault” and then coming back to it weeks, months, even years later. You’d be surprised at how different your writing perspective is after reading other literature, watching things that inspire you, and just developing as a person. As you allow things to influence you, you become more experienced and your writing improves. Your writing is a template in the first draft. By putting yourself on these breaks, you refresh the writing and it becomes a second draft the first time you revisit it. After a while, the story becomes unrecognizable! You may even wonder what you were thinking when you read the original version. No piece will suffer from a revision. Read more about Muphry’s Law.


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