Elbow Pads E-Read

Hello and please join us for an Elbow Pads E-Read hosted by TinyChat.

As a writer, you recognize that no work is perfect. Every piece should be locked away in what we call the “vault” and then reintroduced for further editing. Every piece also deserves a good critique.

If anyone has ever taken a creative writing course, they know the standard is for the writer to remain anonymous while another writer reads their piece aloud. The purpose of this is so that the critiques are strictly unbiased. In this case, however, given the efficient interaction of TinyChat, it would be more effortless. Not everyone is required to state their name, let alone go public on video. TinyChat offers the microphone-only feature. If you would like to remain completely anonymous, you may submit a piece with or without your name for one of our editors to read to the group. You can even listen in on the stream without having to show your face or say anything at all. Please title the piece with the letters TC somewhere in parenthesis so we know this is especially for the TinyChat event. The submission manager is: http://greensubmissions.com/128/elbow-pads/index.php

Writers, go into your vaults, edit your most forgotten or your most favorite pieces, and hear fellow writers for helpful and thorough advice.

Where? http://tinychat.com/elbowpads
When? 14 October 2012 from 7p to 9p

If you are interested, please réserver s’il vous plaît.


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