The American Dream by John Davidian

Oh, the famed American dream
My father has spoken of thee
And all the places you’ll take me

If I invest in the studies
I’ll surely earn my dime
With a job I adore
And a family for whom I can provide

But, as my hairs grow grey
I realize I’ve been sorely led astray
To a job I abhor
And a wife who walked out the door

A worthless degree that put me in debt
A stack of bills I cannot forget
The child support I struggle to meet
A challenge just to stay on my feet

Oh, the American dream
Where are the riches you promised me?
This lifestyle we did not agree
Such unhappiness I did not foresee

Yes, the American dream
It was my father who once spoke of thee
With such glee, he said nothing but good would happen to me


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