Plain and Simple by Veda Bammidi

I like to believe in the best of people. I’m sitting here in this frigid weather with every inch of me unsettled. Including my mind. I carry around weights that aren’t my own. And do it with no hesitation. Sometimes all too openly. My thoughts are clogged with the perpetual fear of that particular weight falling not on me, but the true owner. The thought of worries swimming into their minds, sinking their hearts further down is something I can’t keep in the background of mine. Even if I try not to make it known, or to be subtle, I can’t help but have them rushing through me at any given time. I’d like to think that anyone can successfully get by any given thing with strength. Most of the time, we don’t individually harbor enough strength alone. And even when we do it’s all in the name of those who lend theirs onto us. The people who selflessly take time out of their own hurdles, to drop them if even momentarily, to run to your side at any given moment. To give you courage, will, hope, elation, and most of all love. To turn your life around. If meant from the heart, you know you can get by. You know you can from the look in their eyes. That stays with you. No matter how much you try to shake it, or how much you try to erase it, that moment stays.

Even when the people who gave it to you vanish. Even when you’re going through much worse now than ever before and you’re looking around for those familiar faces to lend a hand. Even when you know they won’t come this time around. Even when you know everything has changed. Even when you feel like you can’t take anymore.

It stays.

I’ll never stop running. But I’ll also never think twice to turn around for you.


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