Michael Clarke Duncan

To start, let us take a moment to remember Michael Clarke Duncan. The Green Mile actor passed away Monday night of a heart attack. Although we didn’t know him personally, he radiated a solid brightness and a calmness that contradicted his large stature. He was a talent. He made viewers cry, laugh, and want to be with him. He was the hope and protector in many of the films he was featured in, and we don’t doubt that his personality was just as positive off-screen. He will forever be remembered.

Next, we are very satisfied with the turnout for the next issue. Because of our ongoing deadline problem, Volume III will be followed by Volume II almost consecutively. We meant to publish Volume II in February, making the magazine a bi-monthly thing. And then we reopened the file where we left off and became amused that seven months flew by us. It seems March was just last week. Long story short, this issue will be published as soon as we put on the finishing touches. Procrastination isn’t an option anymore because, although we cannot commit to dates and significant others and cell phone contracts, we are sure we will become sporadic throughout the year, yearning to publish on a weekly basis. We need to have a concrete cycle. I guess what we’re trying to say is that an annual literary magazine is too bizarre. Just keep submitting. There is a place for everyone.

In music, the editors of Elbow Pads each have Tumblrs, which we’ve had for quite some time. After the whole MTV-mainstream thing and the ragetoons overloading the internet, we may have deactivated our accounts or contributed less to the Tumblr world, but we are still committed and fully addicted to its blue endless scrolling. Never a significant other or an official cell phone contract, though. While putting Tumblr’s drone browsing to use, we came across a few music Tumblrs that we favor. One of them is “yakk” and the other is “postdupstep.” For some reason, yakk began following us and we began following him and then we discovered Delilah and the rest is history. Postdubstep blessed our dashboard with a single by Jeremih in July. However, because our dashes are so jam-packed, we often overlook many of their audio posts. This is why we pay them a daily visit and we are never, and I mean never, disappointed with their posts. We are currently listening to their Alex Isley post via her SoundCloud. Thank you, SoundCloud.

In films, we can’t wait to see the Words and feel vicariously in love with a tormented, desperate writer who plagiarizes an old story and becomes famous. And then we’ll walk out of the theatre feeling somewhat unfulfilled and far from self-transcendence.


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