Introduction and Conclusion to the First Post Ever

The website is officially complete and Volume I is officially up for grabs. We are now accepting buyers. We are also accepting submissions for Volume II. Visit the Submissions page for more information.

In other news, the editors at Elbow Pads were given a very brief and inspirational blog about an old pal’s experience in Nepal. Erin Brioso of Rollins College was given the chance to spend her summer around Delhi and various cities in Nepal. We encourage readers to give her accounts and her photos a looksee at desigirlerin.wordpress.She withholds the strength and drive all students should take up, and there’s nothing like vicarious growth and wishing you finished college and spent a semester abroad.

In films, the Bourne Legacy sucked.

Sinkane.. clearly.

Lastly, there are new music discoveries in the world. This artist calls himself Sinkane. He was featured as a headliner at the AfroPunk Festival this year, sending his psychedelic vibrations through and around Brooklyn. Signed alongside artists LCD Soundsystem and the Rapture, Sinkane will emerge into the mainstream underground scene sooner than you can say “Runnin’.” Now, listen to different mixes of his single Runnin’ on SoundCloud. Thank you, SoundCloud.

And that’s it for the first ever Elbow Pads newsletter post.


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