Sprint by Veda Bammidi

The consequences of never eating breakfast always catch up to me but I never seem to be able to stomach eating in the morning. Water or juice gets me going just fine. That is until later on in the afternoon as I eat lunch fairly late. It’s a bad habit, but I can’t bring myself to change it. I’ve been having a mess of dreams lately that oddly enough, have just been urging me to sleep even more. My tonsils are enlarged again and it just makes matters worse as far as consuming enough to function properly goes. I’ll be going to the gym in around 30 minutes and I’ll probably spend an hour whenever I get back playing with my dog. I feel guilty enough that I’m not doing so right now because he keeps barking downstairs but he needs to catch up on his sleep and I need to be able to stand right before I go attack the remainder of my day. I keep twisting myself in a web of memories and speculation from the past. I can never say it enough times that I need to get out of here. I barely feel myself anymore. But rather a version of me that’s merely running on auto-pilot. My dreams are really getting to me.