Smiling & Brighting God’s Temple (RIP Peter A.) by Junior Sinatra

I’d like smiles to replace this dilemma cause,
I know that you’ve grown strong
Fighting a fight that took forever to end
Continuously going on
But it’s over now isn’t that
What you wanted all along
Not once did you fight
That fight all alone

Family friends and stranger
Felt your cruel pain
Your happy and sad tale
Sticks with us like an everlasting stain
But I know your up there
Smiling & Brighting gods temple
I look up at the stars at night
in hopes to see your twinkle

Knowing you Peter

Was truly an honor
I’m happy you’re not suffering
But I’m upset that you’re gone
I prayed to the heaven never to forget you
So our friendship lives on

RIP Peter A.
You’re our guardian angel now
So look down upon us